Picture this:

You are attending a Mastermind that takes place in a private residence by the pool. Wait staff attends to your every snack or champagne need.

The day you arrive there is a Caftan by the Pool Party where you sip your favorite alcoholic bevy and mingle with the other Caftan bearing goddesses by the pool. It becomes an Instagram laden event and you find yourself dripping at midnight having decided to jump in the pool after dancing your ass off all night. You may or may not sleep in one of the luxurious hammocks on the property.

But I digress. This is also a work function, so bloody mary's and coffee are served every morning.

And if you're lucky enough your favorite influencer might pop by to deliver a lesson or two about being an online boss bitch.

And since this is also a school function, we will rent a school bus to take us the Pappy and Harriet's the last night of the Mastermind to let loose and enjoy a live show. (Don't worry if you are an introvert it'll be fun and inclusive I promise!)